“I want to throw my husband away.” What is the AI answer? /「夫を捨てたい」 AIの回答は?

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“I want to throw my husband away.” What is the AI answer ? /「夫を捨てたい」 AIの回答は?

“I want to throw my husband away.” What is the AI answer? (English Script)

AI has become a part of our daily lives.

Today I will introduce four topics about AI that I was interested in.

The first topic is “Bullying prediction analysis system” to reduce bullying in schools.

Seven local governments, including Saitama City, are considering the introduction of this AI system. 

AI analyzes historical data and displays the risk of bullying as a percentage.

It’s a shame for us that AI discovers the human problem of bullying, but experts are calling for its introduction into schools where labor shortages continue.

The next topic is that English conversation apps that use AI are popular. 

It is a service that chats or voice talks with AI. 

I often see advertisements for these services recently. 

The sales fliers say, “You’re not embarrassed if you make mistakes because you don’t talk to people.”  

This is a sales flier that seems to be received by Japanese people.

Personally, I think it’s more fun to talk to humans.

Next is a topic that many companies are developing AI robots to talk to the elderly.

It is expected that conversations with AI will not only prevent dementia but will also trigger a review of the lifestyle of the elderly and lead to the prevention and detection of illness.

You might think it’s not heartwarming to talk to AI, but there are some pretty robots like this ZUKKU, for example. 

You can easily connect to the cloud with a single switch.

It is very important for the elderly to use technology easily, isn’t it?

Japan is now facing an aging population and many caregivers are experiencing fatigue problems so the use of AI can reduce the burden on long-term caregiving. 

If AI is used more widely as a conversation partner for the elderly, it will be possible for family members and care staff to allocate the time spent talking to the elderly to other times such as housework and their job.

It can be stressful to talk to the elderly for a long time even if they are family.  

Also for elderly people, they can talk to pretty AI robots as much as they like so they don’t have to hesitate anymore. 

The last topic is about advice from AI.

The chat service managed by Yokohama City on its website became a hot topic. When you enter the kind of garbage you want to throw away on the chat box, the AI ​​mascot “E-o” will teach you how to throw it away.

If you enter “husband” here, you will get the following answer.

“Armand Salacrou said that humans get married due to lack of judgment, divorce due to lack of patience, and remarriage due to lack of memory. Why don’t you train your patience?”

Actually, it seems that the staff of Yokohama City thought about this answer. 

When he analyzed the search words, he found that many non-garbage items such as “husband” and “wife” were searched. 

So he came up with the idea of answering these questions as well.

In addition, it seems to be searched for the word “life” “love” “boss” “dream” and so on.

I have introduced four topics about AI. What do you think about it?  

I will continue to introduce more interesting topics. 

「夫を捨てたい」 AIの回答は?(日本語訳)