Which do you think is better, working from home or reporting to the office?/家で働くのがいいのか出社するのがいいのか?

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Which do you think is better, working from home or reporting to the office?(English Version)

Have you changed your work style because of COVID-19?

Today let me show you how Japanese people perceive the shift of work styles.

Which do you think is better, working from home or reporting to the office?【テレワークってどうなの?】

First of all, the term/phrase “work from home” is called “Telework” (テレワーク) in Japanese.

The word Telework came from the combination of “tele”(テレ) which means “remote place” and “work(ワーク) which means work”.

Japanese people like to combine words from different words/phrases. 

【Survey Result】

According to the survey conducted by the Cabinet Office, 34.6% of workers have experienced working from home.

The implementation status of working from home is higher in central Tokyo, which is more than half in Tokyo at 55.5%.

Quote from the Cabinet Office homepage

In addition, Jiji Press conducted a survey whether working from home should continue after the infection is over (choose as many as you can).

Quote from Jiji Press homepage

24.8% agreed to work from home. 

45.2% almost agreed to work from home. 

24.2% almost disagreed to work from home.

4% disagreed to work from home.  

A total of 70% of people said working from home should be continued .

Many people are in favor of working from home.

However, on the other hand, the following results were found regarding the problems of working from home (choose as many as you can).

・There are tasks that can only be done at the company office (71.9%).

・The company’s human relationships are weakened (39.1%).

・Children and family members are disturbed to work at home (30.0%).

・Increase in electric bill and food expenses (29.9%). 

 Which do you think it’s better to work from home or report to the office?

I’m in favor of working from home, but I’m not denying that I like working in the office.

I recently met my colleagues in the office after a while. It was fun to have a small talk with them. 

Also, people around me said that they are stressed about staying at home because they have to do a lot of things for their family. Moreover, some people were thinking of divorcing. 

In this case, I feel that this virus is changing not only the way we work but also the way we live. 




まず、英語の「working from home」をなぜか日本語では「テレワーク」と言います。テレワークとは、情報通信技術(ICT = Information and Communication Technology)を活用した、場所や時間にとらわれない柔軟な働き方のことです。

「tele = 離れた所」と「work = 働く」をあわせた造語です。日本人は造語を作るのが本当に好きですね。





テレワークを拡大すべきだ 24.8%

まあ拡大するべきだ 45.2%

あまり拡大するべきではない 24.2%

拡大するべきではない 4%



・会社にいないとできない仕事がある 71.9%

・会社の人間関係が希薄になり、仲間意識がなくなる 39.1%

・子供や家族に仕事の邪魔をされる 30.0%

・自宅で仕事をすると、光熱費や食費が増加する 29.9%